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Intel wants to do want to get on a computer headset, with Type - c


In addition to the data transfer and charging, USB Type - C interface may do more in the future.According to Anand Tech reported, Intel has completed the USB Type - C the development of digital audio technology, and relevant technical standards, to be published by the end of the second quarter.If the standard popularization, will mean the USB Type - C will can be used in the headphone jack.In the future, in the interface of computer and mobile phone, you can use it to listen to music and voice chat, can also replace the existing headset 3.5 mm interface.For mobile phone and PC makers, can reduce the interface means equipment more frivolous.This is reflected in the apple Mac book.Last year's published on the 12 inch Mac book, only retained the interface and a 3.5 mm interface.The thickness of the fuselage is so thin than ever before.Reportedly, the next iPhone will cancel the 3.5 mm headphone jack, earphone and launched from the interface.It's hard to say, the future other manufacturers don't copy apple, for laptop computers and cell phones make the same design.And such things have happened, recently released Letv released new phones, retain only the USB Type - C interface, used for charging and connect the headset.Especially in the Intel support Type - C after from the underlying protocol, headphones and audio manufacturers more fully support its cause.Than analog audio signal of 3.5 mm, USB Type - C using digital signal, play the sound quality will improve.Look from the update history of standard interface, it is not necessarily will soon come to your side.Only 3.5 mm headphone jack is also become one of the standard of domestic until 2009.Now Android mobile phone Micro USB interface, is generally used to recharge until 2012 - to become an international standard.And even if the USB Type - C become standard on most phones, 3.5 mm maybe will still exist for a period of time.For most users, the 3.5 mm interface of headphones is everyone some equipment.



articles source: Q daily  Pixabay