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Quick charge can solve the problem of mobile phone battery is not enough use?

Recently, huawei battery conference in Japan, unveiled its latest achievements of quick charge technology.The technology can let the battery charge only 5 minutes to talk on the phone, 10 hours of battery life will not be affected.According to huawei's display: a capacity of 600 mAh rechargeable batteries quickly in 2 minutes to input the two-thirds of the electricity.And the other a 3000 mAh battery in five minutes into the half of the electricity.Over the years, equipped with a bigger screen, higher resolution, faster processors has become a mobile phone manufacturers consistent trend.Battery technology changes every year, however, is not big.As a result, on the cell phone battery is becoming more and more not enough use, especially for heavy users.In order to solve this problem, while the mobile thickness unchanged, even thinner, quick charge already is one of the breakthrough in the mobile phone industry focus.Last year, for example, MOTOROLA and OPPO is the selling point of this function as a mobile phone.In this summer, mediatek joined, introduced a PumpExpressTMPlus technology, and used on the meizu MX 5.The idea behind these techniques are also different.As OPPO exclusive VOOC technology is the charging current to 4 a.So hot also is inevitable.So they will charge control circuit in the adapter end, which is the maximum heat source onto the charger up to solve this problem.Chip maker qualcomm in its latest Quick Charge scheme, 3.0 in dynamic adjust the way of voltage, power transmission power at any time with the best.The charging voltage maximum 20 v.In addition, it also by reducing power loss in the process of charging, to improve the efficiency of charging.Currently used such as MOTOROLA, Samsung, LG is qualcomm.Is different from the former two, HuaWei said it is using a new type of molecular structure of the cathode materials, the breakthrough.Last year we reported an Israeli company, so-called 30 seconds can make your phone charge, use and improvement of battery materials.Over the years, by contrast, the iPhone is no change in charging technology.The charger is still 5 v / 1 a standard.Battery capacity on the 6 s and 6 s Plus or even shrinking.But this does not change the iPhone market share.In contrast, the fast charging technology, most of them couldn't popular in the market.OPPO, Samsung, and MOTOROLA, rapid charging technique are only in the high-end models are equipped with, must also be equipped with a dedicated charger..And with new material of batteries are still in the prototype stage, a short period of time can't look into the market.If you want to mobile phone batteries can be more durable, I'm afraid to consider charging or more frequently, or buy a mobile power supply.