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A New Camping Lantern Was Found, Good News To Those Friends Who Like Camping
May 10, 2016

Occasionally go out to travel, camping in the wild, in the dark of night, are you scared ?We recently discovered a very  small portable outdoor camping lantern , when we own it, don't have to worry about the darkness, those friends who like camping don't miss it.

This is a special camping lantern which designed for outdoor camping; it not only can light up your darkness, but also can charge your mobile phone, what’s more, it assembles with one hooker, can easily place on your tent or your backpack.

This camping lantern has a name which called 2 in 1 camping lantern; it connects led lighting and power bank together, for the high lighting model, it can reach 200Lumen, and can last 18hrs, for the low lighting, it has 70Lumens, and can last 170hours, the built-in battery 8800mah can charge your mobile phone at any time anywhere.

It assembles the universal input port, 1.5A big input current can greatly deduct the charging time, usually eight hours can fully charge the power bank, let’s look at the details of the camping lantern: