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Apple's New Patents, Computer And Tablet Can Charge Treasure.
May 11, 2016

Apple's new patents, computer and tablet can charge treasure.

Sometimes if you don't take charge treasure out of the door, put the phone on the computer with usb data cable can also do it.Apple recently acquired, according to a new patent Mac into giant charging treasure it, they are really a good plan.


The patent is actually changed a way to transmit the power from a computer or tablet to mobile phones.Will a new battery in mobile wireless module, if the patent on a new generation of the iPhone, the future may be more than computer, tablet, including TV, display, electronic instruments, such as "electrical equipment", can become a charging treasure in a similar way.

Since 2013, when the apple patent began to get a wireless charging system, over the past few years apple for patent in this aspect have been more than ten items.Last year, apple has submitted an application for a patent, electronic connectors and wireless charging coil under gap apple logo on the back shell.Qualcomm has also recently announced the new patent to make wireless charging not only confined to the nonmetal material contact surface.Habit of apple, however, is for all possible or impossible to have submitted an application for a patent for products design, before wireless charging really came to the iPhone and the tablet, you have to treat the data line in the home, and ensure that your cat.

Pictured above from cultofmac, in figure from Patently Apple