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Camping Light Purchase Method
Sep 30, 2017

For those who love nature, camping in the wild may be the most close to the natural thing. But in the wild through the long night is not as convenient as in the city, you have to be fully prepared to cope with the confusion caused by the night. The torch is our most common and probably the lighting tool you first came up with. It is not only easy to operate, but also inexpensive, but she has a fatal flaw, that is, you have to manipulate by hand, and in the wild if your hands are bound, then your actions will be bound. So, there is a wise man invented the headlights.

Speaking of the headlights, you will certainly think of the miners with the kind of stupid and heavy miner's lamp. Yes, in fact, outdoor camping headlights and miners with miners have the same purpose, are to find the direction in the dark. But the outdoor headlights of course, more than miner's lamp more light, more beautiful. Headlights, as the name suggests can be worn on the head of the lights. Her advantage is that you can liberate your hands in the dark, and this is in the wild life is so important. So, travel in the end choose headlights or bring flashlight it?

1. Headlights: the use of battery-powered headlights is the ideal outdoor personal lighting appliances. She is easy to use, and her best place is to liberate your hands. So you can easily cook dinner, in the night to support the tent, march in the night or in the tent to write a diary. There is also a feature that she really makes you "see both photos".

2. Candle Light: Candle light can provide us with a long, reliable and economical lighting method. She is your ideal solution for reading, dinner or under low lighting requirements. But do not remember, never in the tent candle.

3. Campground lights: designed to illuminate the larger area of the design. Suitable for long-distance travel, and the number of participants. Because, this kind of lamp is bigger, more bulky. The camp lights have the use of batteries and the use of fuel. The operation of the battery is more convenient, but the use of a shorter time. The use of fuel (GAS, kerosene, alcohol or gasoline) is more cumbersome to operate, but often high luminous brightness, the use of a long time.

4. Small gas lamp: different from the large camp lights, this gas lamp smaller, easy to carry. Most of the gas is used, because the GAS tank has been pressurized in advance, rather than the use of kerosene need to use pressure. GAS lights have high intensity of lighting for small teams with a small number.