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Camping Lights Use Method
Jun 16, 2017

  Camping lights use method

  1 lighting brightness can be divided into two steps, Ⅰ file for high brightness, lighting time is relatively short, Ⅱ file for low brightness, lighting time is relatively long.

  2 intelligent light control, when the solar panel sensor to a certain light, the portable light automatically extinguished, when the induction to the light down to a certain value, the portable light automatically lit.

  Camping lights Charging method:

  1 Before using, charge the portable lamp first.

  2 When using solar charging, put the portable light on the sunny place all day, pay attention to something that can not block the solar panels.

  3 AC charging, the charger into the "DCIN", and plug in the power, charging, the charge when the LED is red, filled with LED to green.

  4 When charging the car, insert the plug directly into the car cigarette lighter.

  Charge the battery when some heat, it is normal