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Do You Use A Power Bank That Will Damage Your Phone?
Jul 13, 2017

  Do you use a Power Bank that will damage your phone?

  Go out more than half a day, not with a Power Bank Po, people are easy to worry! Hot some people will ask, often used to Power Bank the phone to Power Bank the phone, what impact on the phone?

  Charging Power Bank on the phone?

  Power Bankr is mainly composed of shell, battery and circuit board composed of three parts, the shell of the batteries and circuit boards play a protective role; battery size determines the power level; circuit board is directly related to the advantages and disadvantages of disPower Bank and conversion rate, The charging effect directly affects.

  Charging principle: Charging Po and actually the same as the Power Bank head, the voltage is adjusted to about 3.7V after the Power Bank. Because the Power Bank is mainly through the buck and boost to achieve, this process is to adjust the circuit board. When charging the phone, the circuit board will be based on the phone to support the input voltage to adjust the Power Bank itself.

  Charging Po is a collection of storage, buck, boost, Power Bank management in one of the charging device, play the role of battery Power Bankr. So with the Power Bank treasure (except cottage Power Bank) to the phone Power Bank, the basic mobile phone will not cause direct damage!

  Why is charging Power Bank sometimes longer?

  Charging Po is full of mobile phone time is relatively straight Power Bank longer, in fact, this problem is normal, because the Power Bank Power Bank using USB charging, compared with the AC Power Bankr, the current output is small, so the basic loss of some current.

  Charging Power Bank is not durable?

  Power is not durable In fact, with the power of the rePower Bankable treasure is related to the phone, or different power easily lead to Power Bank virtual electricity. Sometimes, the Power Bank of the power conversion efficiency is too low, will lead to Power Bank into the electricity can not afford to use, so sometimes the power is not durable also belong to the normal phenomenon.

  Buy rePower Bankable treasure to pay attention to what?

  In the choice of brand Power Bank on the basis of treasure, but also to see its Power Bank treasure material and logo. Such as charging Po, the general polymer batteries of the battery, high security, life is relatively long. Second, the Power Bank is a national compulsory certification of the product range, so the purchase should pay attention to whether the "CCC" signs and overvoltage protection.