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Eight Trends Of The Outdoor Products Market--camping And Travel Maket
May 04, 2016

At present, the outdoor sports development is rapid, more and more attention from modern humans and acclaimed, outdoor market prospects for development in the following eight development trends:

1. Outdoor sports market in golden development in our country  Outdoor market in China from rapid growth to stable growth phase, compared with 2013 South Korea outdoor market retail sales of 6.4 trillion won (about 36.7 billion yuan), China still has a huge outdoor market? Show potential. With the increase of income level and the improvement of the system of paid vacation, for travel, leisure, drive and other outdoor sports demand will increase further, and all kinds of leisure, Tours, parent-child swimming program hit also has sparked the yearning for outdoor sports, at the same time, intrinsic and extrinsic believe that in the next 10 years’ experience of outdoor sports population expanded year by year.

2. The information integration trend is inevitable, entrepreneurial innovation although online how effective integration of subject has been discussed for several years, but the era of digital economy, especially the emergence of the mobile Internet makes this topic is quite solid exercise. In 2015, how to realize the O2O, build the whole channel marketing and distribution system, realize the integration of online and docking become a hot topic in all walks of life, outdoor sports tourism industry is no exception. Product standardization, structured, multi-dimensional, marketing channels online, realize the online platform service and so on are all outdoor sports tourism development must experience stage. How to make good use of "Internet +" will become the important subject to develop outdoor sports tourism industry. For a long time since the business model of outdoor sports market in China is mainly "offline club + online platform", pure "online club", the masses organize 3 kinds. And with the further development of the mobile Internet, outdoor sports new play.

3. Is impacted by the network channels, the brand premium ability to drop, outdoor products more rational pricing2013, total retail sales of outdoor market network channels and team 3.56 billion, up 34.33% from a year earlier, the network is growing so rapidly.The change of the network is not only the channel pattern, also the impact of the price of the traditional system, it provides a more transparent and open price brand premium capacity will be reduced, believe in the future of outdoor brand developers for the product price will be more rational.

4. Mobile Internet and the development of science and technology power, outdoor sports tourism mobile intelligent the first year is tourism O2O outbreak in 2015, tourism online fusion trend to form, the deepening development. From scratch and began to spread all kinds of intelligent hardware, such as wireless positioning, unmanned drone, smart bracelets, Google glasses, etc., makes feels dye-in-the-wood outdoor sports science and technology, network technology makes the outdoor sports to develop in the direction of mobile, intelligent, full of fun.

5. Outdoor travel distance, the specialized development trend obviously, the outdoor brand product differentiation is also increasing Current field of outdoor hiking, mountain climbing for the masses of outdoor tourism hot spots, but as the trend of consumption upgrade, skiing, biking, paragliders, surfing more niche areas such as more and more favored by the majority of outdoor activity participants. More into the outdoor sports, the guidance of professional coaches will further enlarge, the value of outdoor sports participants are playing more and more professional. Standing in the outdoor market scale and on the basis of social recognition, homogeneity product cannot help brands to occupy the consumer mind, further may even reduce brand position, so in the future competition, clever outdoor brand chamber of commerce of bitter effort on product differentiation. Such as mountaineering clothing, outdoor camping equipment such as niche has been well-known brand of outdoor sports, vertical and professional development trend obviously, further intensify the brand product differentiation.

6. The campsite utilization rate increaseCamp in the United States in 16500, 25000 in Europe.And neighbouring Japan camp for 1300, South Korea has campsite in more than 100.In contrast, China's automobile camping ground less than hundred, just getting started.Family camping drive the rise of the market, can make the complete facilities utilization rate increase in the camp, and contributes to the farmers of small campsite construction.

7. Outdoor sports tourism product category segment will further enrich free lineAs the millennial generation consumers personalized, mobile, experience an increase in demand, the richness of the free line product category and experience higher requirements are put forward.Free line constraint because join the swim team for travelers, free line itself is not a kind of advanced way of travel.Individual users from a big pain points is not to play, I don't know how to get deep in the travel experience.And outdoor sports tourism products, rich experience, diverse category is very satisfied and fit free development trend of the line products, thus will greatly enrich the free line segmentation categories of products, at the same time will increase free line depth of experience.

8. Outdoor sports tourism products will become a mass consumer goods"Small big trend" is our traditional conscious characteristics of outdoor tourism, with the encouragement from the state council document no. 46, per capita GDP of more than $ten thousand in north of consumption ability pull litre, club level are also changing, more online "club" such as QQ, WeChat group into a business entity; More leaders also signed a contract with the club, not individual soldiers; Outdoor sports tourism of the whole industrial structure promotion and standardization of the qualitative change happened ten years ago. Under the above conditions of inoculation, outdoor travel is no longer a niche, it and life style, interests and hobbies. Outdoor sports tourism is not only exercise the way, is more of a "play", "play" and "play" a kind of advanced experience of tourism. Our current is going through Europe and the United States people experienced outdoor sports tourism germination, growth, the outbreak of the stage, but not simply copy this process, this process will be greatly shortened, outdoor travel from growth to the outbreak of the time window will be shorter.