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Four Aspects Of The Specification Of Power Bank
Oct 25, 2017

There must be a constant current in the charging process. And the current can't be too big or too small. General Digital current between 600 Ma to 1000 ma. Tablets require about 2000 MA. This data is also the standard parameter of most charge treasure in the market.

Power Bank must conform to the electronic product three C standard

The charging PO output voltage must be stable. The output voltage is guaranteed to be in the stable region between 4 and 2v~5v. Because most of the digital products in the market charge voltage is 4.2V, too high is likely to damage the electrical appliances.

Power Bank itself protection circuit must pass through. A lot of junk product protection circuits in the market are completely off. Over-release, over-current and short-circuit must be done triple protection.

Charging treasure should pay attention to the following points

The best way to buy Power Bank after the Power Bank is full of electricity and then use, at ordinary times also try to avoid the use of Power Bank consumption in the charge, usually when charging can also retain a certain amount of empty capacity, do not have to be fully filled.

When the Power Bank is charged, we should put the Power Bank supply flat and try not to hang the charge.

When charging the Power Bank, we should also pay attention to the selection of the charger, do not use the kind of overcurrent protection charger, which may also cause the Power Bank supply can not repair damage.