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Google Also Join Battery War, But Not For Your Mobile Phone
Jun 13, 2016

According to the Wall Street journal, Google's mysterious laboratory Google X has revealed a project, is a modified version of lithium battery.Only four Google X inside the team since 2012 improvement technology research on lithium battery, the lithium battery inside the liquid material can be changed to solid, so the transmission distance, more efficient, and the battery is not flammable.But Google doesn't just want to use this technology for smartphones, but for other project in Google X laboratory, including blood glucose measurement of Contact lenses Contact Lens.What will future batteries will grow?Ramesh Bhardwaj currently engaged in the research is to put the liquid into a solid film, lithium-ion batteries can like coating is thin in electronic products.For the smaller volume, and form different electronic equipment is more suitable.In an industry conference in February this year, Ramesh Bhardwaj shows that improved lithium battery, can be very frivolous, can be bent, and can be worn, even can be implanted in the body.According to Google X laboratory engaged in battery research Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj said at least 20 need to rely on the company internal battery Project - self-driving cars and augmented reality glasses Google Glass, and even balloons floating networking Project Project Loon need batteries.Is not only a mobile phone, with the increasing of the intelligent hardware products, Google for battery ambitions began to expand, Google X, head of the lithium battery improved Ramesh Bhardwaj earlier or apple's battery experts.In fact, each big technology companies in order to solve the problem of the battery are in tension in the process of research and development.Apple only recently successfully applied for the patent of the portable fuel cell, by inner fuels such as hydrogen, methanol fuel conversion electric energy, and then through the interface for smartphones, tablets and other devices, equipment life time can take up to a few days to a few weeks.The electric company tesla once more to take a lot of money.In order to supply their electric vehicles, tesla built in Nevada, $5 billion worth of super battery factory (Gigafactory).While Google?They are also investigating how to through the wax package Project Loon battery fly to heaven after low temperature damage?

Pictured above from: techland.time.com (Google Glass cell apart)