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Power Bank Can Be Reused More Than Hundreds Of Times
Nov 03, 2017

Power Bank is a set of power storage, step-up, charge management in one portable equipment. Storage medium generally uses lithium battery batteries, because the lithium battery is relatively small size, large capacity, wide market circulation, affordable, is widely used in digital products. The voltage of the lithium is between 2.7-4.2V, the voltage decreases with the decrease of electricity. and 2.7-4.2V voltage is not directly charged to other digital products, because the digital battery voltage is also 2.7-4.2V, the voltage between the same potential is not charged. So the mobile power output to the external power is necessary to have a step-up system, 2.7-4 2V lithium voltage boost to 5V, so that other digital products can be recharged, such as mobile phones, MP4, tablet computers, PSP and so on.

Of course, the mobile power supply is not a disposable device, it can be used repeatedly more than hundreds of times. So when the power is used, we have to recharge the mobile power. The principle is the same as charging the phone. Connect to 5V USB computer interface or USB charger can be charged to the mobile power supply. So there must be a charge management system inside the mobile power supply. Charging management system can automatically adjust the charging current according to the voltage of the lithium battery. The process is: pre-charging, constant voltage charging, and floating charge. The next component is described separately below.

Power supply Batteries: commonly used polymer lithium, 18650 lithium, lithium iron phosphate battery, AAA Ni-MH battery.

The charging treasure is made up of three parts, the electric core part, the circuit part (the step-up system and the charge management system) and the shell part. Each component is described separately below.

Mobile Power supply Batteries:

The core is the key part of the mobile power supply, that is, the battery of the mobile power, which is actually made up of batteries. Commonly used in polymer lithium, 18650 lithium, AAA Ni-MH battery.

1. Polymer lithium battery: Standard voltage 3.7 V, more shape, can be customized, with large capacity, inexpensive, widely used, such as: mobile phones, MP4, portable speakers. The polymer lithium battery is a kind of lithium ion core, which is made of aluminum-plastic soft package in structure, it is safer than the core of metal shell, and it does not have the safety hidden danger of high risk when working. Its electricity density is high, the thickness is smaller, the weight is lighter, but the capacity is very big, many cell phone battery also uses the polymer electric core to make. Its internal resistance is small, even less than 35mω, greatly reducing the battery's own power consumption, making the utilization of electricity more high. In addition, its shape can be customized, according to the appearance of the shell tailor-made, many small-sized mobile power supply is the use of flexible packaging batteries.

2.18650 Lithium: Standard voltage 3.7V, with small volume, large capacity, mainly used in notebook computers and other high-end products. 18650 is a steel aluminum shell core, its technology is more mature in all aspects. The 18650 core is a cylindrical cell with a diameter of 18mm and a height of 65mm, and its capacity is usually between 2000-3000mah. Most of the 18650 batteries used in the mobile power supply are made of lithium cobalt oxide as cathode material, with a Tanji voltage of 3.7V, charging voltage of 4.2V. Compared with the previous Ni-MH, ni-CD batteries, the battery capacity is larger, and the life expectancy is longer, the cycle times of charge and discharge can reach more than 500 times, and the safety factor is higher, non-toxic and environmental protection.

3. AAA ni-MH battery: Standard voltage 1.2V. relatively small capacity. Should be extensive, household appliances, players and so on.

Boost System:

The main technology of step-up is the step-up mode of DC to DC. Domestic technology conversion efficiency is generally low, generally in $number. Taiwan's $number. The United States is relatively higher. There is also a step-down program, the efficiency is higher, but the consistency of the core requirements are high, so almost rarely used.

Calculate power output According to product conversion efficiency:

Take 5000mAh mobile Power as an example: the actual output capacity = (mobile power capacity 5000mahx3.7Vx conversion rate $number)/5v=3145mah

Charging Management System:

At present, the domestic charge management system is relatively mature, intelligent IC monitoring the entire charging process. Mainstream management IC has PT4056, PX40 and so on. Charge time 5000maH about 8 hours. Too fast charge has a bad effect on battery life.


1. Plastic Shell: General Mobile power supply is mainly ABS/PC material.

2. Metal Shell: Aviation aluminum shell and so on.

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