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Power Bank Proper Storage And Maintenance
Oct 23, 2017

Now with the large-screen phone power consumption faster and faster, rechargeable treasure is basically a mobile phone, tablet and other products standard peripherals. But there are many small partners on the charge of the storage and maintenance of the process but there are many misunderstandings, below to share how to properly store and maintain the charge treasure.

1. Anti-static during cleaning.

Regular cleaning charge Po and charge the charge of the interface, recommended to clean the best use of anti-static brush cleaning charge Treasure.

2. Waterproof and moistureproof.

As electronic products, accidentally fall into the water or long-term exposure to humid air, the internal components will cause different degrees of corrosion or oxidation. Therefore, the charge treasure must be placed in the dry, cool place.

3. Anti-Fall shockproof.

Rechargeable treasure is actually a very fragile items, internal components cannot afford to beat. In particular, to prevent the use of careless landing in the process. Don't throw, knock, and drop the charge treasure. A rough charge of the line will destroy the inner circuit board.

4. Anti-cold heat protection.

Do not put the charging treasure in a place where the temperature is too high, avoid charging Bao long time exposure to the sun, high temperature will shorten the life of electronic components, destroy the charging treasure, so that some plastic parts deformation or melting, rechargeable treasure storage temperature can not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, otherwise it will affect the performance of the battery, shorten the service life of the battery and even cause danger.

Also do not put the charge treasure in the cold place, when the charge Bao in the cold environment work, the internal temperature rise, charging treasure will form moisture, causing short circuit, damage circuit board.

5. Anti-potent chemical products.

Rechargeable treasure not only to stay away from water, but also to remember not to use strong chemical products, cleaning agents or powerful detergent cleaning charge treasure. Clear the appearance of the charge treasure stains can be stained with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol to clean cotton.

6. Timed charge discharge.

If the charging treasure is not used for a long time, the charge and discharge should be performed at intervals to maintain its normal performance. It is best to charge and discharge every one months, so as to ensure the best condition of the inner core and prolong its service life effectively.