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Power Bank Quality Mainly Depends On The Energy Conversion Rate
Sep 30, 2017

The quality of the rechargeable treasure depends mainly on the energy conversion rate. The conversion efficiency of the high quality mobile power is about 80%, the average is about 70 ~ 75%, the difference is only 30%, if the conversion rate is less than 75% Mobile power line loss, the battery itself is also a large heat, the damage to the phone itself is also large. The large-capacity mobile power supply usually has 1A and 2.1A two output current, respectively, corresponding to mobile phones and tablet PCs and other equipment.

Charging treasure industry is in the high-speed development stage, a large number of manufacturers to join the industry, would like to share a cup of soup, so the industry standards have not yet formed. A charge of the production of a careful analysis of the treasure is very simple, a few batteries, a PC board, plus a shell to complete a charge of Po's assembly, and easy to learn, also caused the imitation goods, refurbished goods everywhere Rampant, at this stage of poor supervision of the industry, this phenomenon can only be left to the office.

A 10000 mAh charge treasure can charge up to four to five times, but the actual use can not reach this number, which is related to the phone battery, but also with the loss of charge treasure, like we buy the same disk, 8G USB The actual capacity may be only 7G more, which has become a charge treasure industry an unwritten phenomenon.

All of the above are to remind consumers, buy mobile power (charge Po), do not save tens of dollars and buy low-quality batteries to charge the treasure, the general polymer battery charge life will be Higher than the 18650 batteries charge treasure, and the security risks will be much lower, the former life of the three or four years or so; good PC board can reach more than 90% conversion rate, and there is such a statement, when Conversion rate of less than 80%, the charge will be a lot of charge, charging the battery is hot.