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Power BankHow To Choose The Right One
Aug 28, 2017

Charging Popper means a device that can charge a mobile device directly and has its own storage unit. The main market of the main categories of multi-functional charge Po, the basic configuration of the standard USB output, the basic to meet the current market common mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP, Bluetooth headset, digital cameras and other digital products.

1. With the mobile phone, tablet and other digital products more and more common, rechargeable treasure at any time charging is particularly important, more and more charging treasure into the market, what kind of charge treasure is the best? The so-called charging treasure, mobile power, mobile phone companion and so on are the name of different storage and release of electricity equipment.

2. Select the charge treasure, the first thing to know is the concept of batteries. The so-called batteries, the popular is the charge of the treasure storage power equipment. Currently on the market there are two kinds of batteries: lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries.

3. Common lithium batteries (refer to 18650 lithium batteries) with light weight, large capacity, no memory effect, low price, etc., now many digital devices are used lithium-ion batteries for power. Lithium ion batteries have a high energy density, and their capacity is 1.5 to 2 times that of the same weight NiMH batteries, and has a very low self-discharge rate. In addition, lithium-ion batteries almost no "memory effect" and non-toxic substances, etc. It is also an important reason for its widespread application. But the waste repair batteries more, because the process reasons, the problem rate and failure rate is high, the general public can not distinguish. The system is large, heavy weight, short life and may cause an explosion, which is a very fatal shortcomings, the current mainstream mobile power are phasing out this kind of batteries. In the coming days, this ordinary lithium battery will gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

4. Lithium polymer batteries, raw materials generally adopt lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, and three lithium mixed. Through a certain percentage of the mixture of the three, with a certain process to produce it, the outer packaging is mainly the use of aluminum plastic film, the middle of the lithium material for the paste. So the shape can be customized. At the same time can produce ultra-thin batteries, such as 0.33mm, 0.50mm such ultra-thin battery. The advantages of polymer batteries in the battery capacity of the same capacity of the same volume of polymer batteries than the capacity of lithium batteries 20% in a stable current output state of life and strong surface of the flexible material as a box, if encountered Short circuit leads to bulging after the battery will not explode will only crack.

5. The next is the conversion efficiency of the battery, the battery standard capacity and the actual charge to the mobile phone and digital equipment, when not 100% of the mobile power conversion rate is the most important role is the "mobile power protection board", so If a mobile power PCB circuit board with a good workmanship and design, while using the battery is also relatively good, and has a solid protection circuit, then the quality of this mobile power has been guaranteed. We believe that a qualified mobile power conversion efficiency should be at least 80% or more.

6. Then the battery with or without overload protection, overload short-circuit test is the most basic protection of mobile power protection measures. Short circuit protection, we only need to short-circuit in the mobile power USB terminal to see whether the mobile power is still working can be tested out; and overload protection test, it is in the USB port load current, see the mobile power in the case of how much current Will start the protection to stop working. In general, mobile power should have overload protection mechanism, but each mobile power for the load current protection values are not necessarily the same. 3A can be used as a reference standard value.

7. In the actual purchase, we actually do not all pay attention to these, the basic are from the price, brand, sales up to buy our charge treasure, so we have to buy the treasure when you have to leave other Standards, etc., especially the charge of the batteries.