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Serious Problem Of Power Bank Fields
Apr 23, 2016

Recent years, it’s very common to use dummy cells in power bank fields as there is no unified country standards (only have local standard and enterprise standards), there were many explosion affairs these years. On 23rd February, consumer counsel of Guangzhou has published the test result of the power bank.  

This time, they purchased samples in 10 brands; finally, they found that 8 brands didn’t have exclusive standards, 7 brands didn’t identify the voltage and current neither on power bank itself nor on packing. 5brands didn’t have manufacture data, 5 brands didn’t have any warming notification.

What’s more, more than half of them used the dummy cells. As power bank has a conversation rate and board protection, so the rated capacity doesn’t equal the real output capacity. So Guangzhou consumer counsels remind very consumers to buy the power bank manufactured in regular factory and never greedy to get the cheap price. Price is always follows the quality, if any cheap price power bank cause any explosion, then we will get hurt and do harm to our family .