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Table Lamp Has Become A Rare Art
Nov 03, 2017

A lamp is a lamp, which is mainly placed on a desk or table for lighting purposes. The light illumination range of the lamp is relatively small and concentrated, so it will not affect the light of the whole room, which is confined around the lamp, which is easy to read, study, work and save energy. The lamp has become a rare work of art. In light decoration of the concept of heavy decoration, the decorative function of the lamp is more obvious.

A lamp is a kind of household appliance used for lighting in people's lives. It is generally divided into two kinds, one is column type, one is a clamping type. Its function is to focus the light in a small area, easy to work and learn. The lamps used in general are incandescent lamps, energy-saving bulbs, and popular eye-protection lamps in the market, and some table lamps have "emergency function" that comes with power, which is used for lighting emergency during power outages.

function Introduction

Table lamp, according to the use of functional classification are: Reading table lamp, decorative table lamp, portable table lamp.

Reading table lamp, light body shape is simple and light, refers to reading and writing the lamp, this kind of lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp bar, light direction and brightness, mainly lighting reading function;

Decorative table lamp appearance luxurious, material and style diverse, light body structure is complex, used for embellishment space effect, decorative function and lighting function is equally important.

Bedroom table lamp has gone far beyond the value of the table lamp itself, the table lamp has become a rare art, in light decoration of the concept of heavy decoration, table lamp decorative function is more obvious.

The lamp is in addition to reading and decorating. The latest technology is also like robots, will move, can dance, automatic dimming, play music, clocks, video, touch and other functions, special is the ceramic craft lamp also has the value of collection.

What role does lighting play in home life? Night, the light is the elf, is the warm atmosphere of the building expert. Through the level of light and shadow, to make space more vitality; daytime, lamps into the bedroom decoration art, it and furniture, fabric, decorations together dotted with the beauty of life, the lamp in the room space plays a pivotal role.

Because of the diversity of lamp, so for the use of different places, the choice of table lamp size, style, material also slightly different. For example, the hotel table lamp than home decorative table lamp size is much larger, especially for the hotel lobby table lamp, larger size, thick and luxurious. European Antique Table Lamp Durable engaging, supporting European architectural style, have the effect of adding flowers. Modern business hotel suites, then supporting some modern simple table lamps, refreshing concise, not muddy, also refreshing. Luxury high-grade table lamp, with the appropriate environment, embellishment space effect of good circumstances, whether the light is bright, or closed, is a work of art! So for designers must consider the style of the lamp you design, style, price, etc. to meet such needs.