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Table Lamp The Range Of Light Exposure Is Relatively Small And Concentrated
Sep 30, 2017

Table lamp is a kind of lamp, this electrical appliances mainly placed in the desk or table for lighting purposes. Table lamp light exposure range is relatively small and concentrated, and thus will not affect the entire room light, the role confined to the lamp around, easy to read, learn, save energy.

The types and advantages and disadvantages of lamp

First, the type of lamp:

According to the style classification are: modern lamp, antique lamp, European lamp, Chinese table lamp.

According to the material classification are: metal table lamp, resin lamp, glass lamp, crystal lamp, solid wood lamp, ceramic lamp and so on.

According to the use of functional classification are: reading lamp, decorative table lamp.

Second, the common types of lamps and advantages and disadvantages:

1, iron table lamp:

Advantages: fashion, modern, diverse shapes, suitable for decoration wild, low prices. Disadvantages: easy to rust.

2, crystal table lamp:

Advantages: suitable for luxury decoration, beautiful, there are grades, large size, heavy luxury. Disadvantages: fragile, high prices.

3, wood table lamp:

Advantages: classical, simple shape, suitable for Chinese decoration, affordable. Disadvantages: easy to break, fade, open plastic.

4, acrylic lamp:

Advantages: small size, low price, easy to carry. Disadvantages: not on the grade.

5, resin lamp:

Advantages: suitable for European style decoration, light structure is complex, elegant style. Disadvantages: time long easy to fade, high prices.

6, jade lamp:

Advantages: exquisitely carved, high collection value. Disadvantages: high prices, fragile

7, ceramic lamp:

Advantages: art, classical, diverse styles, ornamental strong, durable, affordable. Disadvantages: fragile

Control of the lamp

1, touch:

The principle of touch-type table lamp is the internal installation of electronic touch IC and table lamp touch the electrode to form a control circuit. When the human body touches the sensor electrode, the touch signal sends a pulse signal to the touch sensor by pulsating direct current, then the touch sensor will send a trigger pulse signal, you can control the lights; if you touch again, touch the signal And then by the pulsating direct current to generate a pulse signal to the touch sensor, then touch the sensor will stop sending a trigger pulse signal, when the AC zero, the light naturally extinguished. But sometimes after the power failure or voltage instability will have their own situation, if the touch signal to receive a very good sensitivity of paper or cloth can be controlled.

2, brightness adjustable:

Adjustable lamp works by the resistance R2, potentiometer RP1, capacitor C composition resistance phase shift circuit, adjust RP1, you can change the conduction angle of the two-way thyristor V, thereby changing the brightness of the bulb EL. Resistor R1 is a current limiting resistor. The charging speed of C is also related to the parallel circuit. In the case of R1 and RP2 fixed, the size of the shunt is determined by the resistance of the photoresistor RL. When the grid voltage rises, the brightness of the lamp increases, the RL resistance becomes smaller, the shunt increases, the voltage rise across the capacitor C becomes slower, the thyristor V conduction angle decreases, the output voltage decreases, the brightness of the lamp decreases; When the voltage drops, the RL resistance increases, the shunt decreases, the thyristor conduction angle increases, the output voltage increases, and the brightness of the lamp increases. As a result, the brightness of the lamp is automatically stabilized at the set value.

The role of lamp

Table lamps, according to the use of functional categories are: reading lamp, decorative table lamp, reading lamp, portable lamp.

Reading lamp, light body shape simple and lightweight, refers to the desk lamp dedicated to read and write, this lamp can generally adjust the height of light pole, light direction and brightness, mainly lighting reading function.

Decorative table lamp appearance of luxury, materials and styles, light structure is complex, for the decorative effect of space, decorative and lighting functions as important.

The desk lamp has been far beyond the value of the lamp itself, the lamp has become a rare works of art, in the light decoration heavy decoration concept, the decorative function of the lamp is even more obvious.

In addition to reading, decoration, the latest technology is like a robot, will move, will dance, auto dimming, playing music, clock, video, touch and other functions, especially the ceramic lamp also has a collection of value.

Types and Characteristics of Table Lamps

Table light source types:

1, light bulb:

An illuminating source that emits light by electricity and is invented by Edison. 'Illuminator' is produced with the continuous development of human civilization. The most common function of the lamp is lighting. With the development of the community, the use of light bulbs also played a different change, initially may be to facilitate the production of life, but with the progress of the community, the use of the bulb has also been significant changes began to have a 'car, landscaping Environment, decoration 'and so on for different uses of functional lights.

2, LED:

In addition to energy saving, the basic can not meet the eye function, a table lamp on the panel has about 80 led light body, there are a lot of attention, reading the eyes very tired.

3, cob light source:

2013 new invented the fifth generation of light source, belonging to the surface light source, quite only a luminous body, side light, luminous uniform, no ghosting, no Blu-ray damage. Soft light, not dazzling.

Table lamp source features:

1, the spectral components should be no ultraviolet light and infrared light, long-term too much to accept ultraviolet light, not only easy to cause keratitis, but also on the lens, retina, choroid and other injuries, infrared easily absorbed by water, too much infrared Eye lens aggregation is a large number of absorption, over time the lens will be degeneration, leading to cataracts.

2, light color temperature should be close to natural light, people long life in the natural light, the human eye on the natural light adaptability, visual effects.

3, the light is no flicker, the ordinary fluorescent power supply frequency of 50 Hz, indicating that when the light and light every time bright and dark 100 times, belonging to the low frequency strobe light, will make the human eye regulatory organs in a tight state of regulation, resulting in visual fatigue , If the frequency of light when the increase to hundreds of tens of thousands of hertz or more, to become high frequency, the human eye that will not have the feeling of strobe; but the real non-strobe is DC power supply or semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices (such as led light-emitting diodes) The light emitted is called no flicker.

How to buy a lamp

Table lamp purchase skills

1, pay attention to avoid glare because you must focus on the use of long-term vision, so the choice of table lamp, the first thing to note is to avoid glare and reflected light, glare will cause us to read the difficulty, easily lead to eye fatigue, , Or headache and discomfort.

2, in order to be able to project most of the light to the desktop, writing lamp light source installation location is usually horizontal or downward, writing table lamp in the normal working position, the main optical performance requirements of three points:

(1), shading: people in the case of normal sitting, the eyes to the horizontal direction, should not see the lamp cover of the inner wall and light source.

(2), desktop lighting requirements: table lamp irradiation work area should be ≥ 250lx, the minimum illumination should be ≥ 120lx.

(3), illumination uniformity requirements: should ensure that the work area by the lamp irradiation, the illumination is relatively uniform, can not produce particularly bright or dark spots.

3, a pull, two tone, three shake, four touch: 'pull' refers to the power cord plug from the socket, forced the power cord to the lamp chamber, see the power cord connection is firm, the power cord can not The lamp chamber in the fall, 'tune' refers to the adjustment of a variety of table lamp work position, adjust, can not sound, adjust the working position should be able to easily and reliably locked, 'shake' refers to the lamp to the most unfavorable work Position, and then gently shake the table placed in the desk, the desk lamp is easy to overturn, the lamp is not smooth, it is easy to overturn, 'touch' is the lamp light for a period of time (2 hours), hand touch shade And other easy to use when the heat of the parts are hot, to prevent accidental burns in the future use.

How to clean the table lamp

Table lamp maintenance and cleaning methods:

1, need to remember to buy back the lights, the first do not busy installation, should be careful to see the signs and read the installation of the use of imitation, and then according to the rules of a single installation, the use of lamps, or there may be risks.

2, according to the logo of the light source parameters in time to change the aging of the lamp, found at both ends of the lamp red, black tube or a shadow, the lamp does not jump, should contact the manufacturer, LED lamp can not replace Lamp.

3, in the clean maintenance should be careful not to change the structure of the lamp, do not arbitrarily change the parts of the lamp, after the end of the clean maintenance, should be installed as is the lamp, do not miss, misplaced lighting parts.

4, in the use of LED lighting, try not to switch again and again, which will greatly shorten the life of LED lighting.