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Table Lamp With Wireless Charging Using OLED Light Source, How The Artifact Is?
Mar 15, 2016

OFweek remember the semiconductor lighting launched a series of wireless charging home from IKEA? Wireless charging, its perfect Panel combined with modern furniture, has created new technology experience, and, more recently, one US firm has brought a smart cell phone Wireless charging lamp, you will no longer be so painful for the plug-in charger before going to bed. This paragraph lamp from Yu United States Aerelight, name for Aerelight A1, it used has OLED as glow source, compared General LED light, OLED by sent not out of light more better soft, not effect people of neural handed quality and more BA amine level, can better of helps sleep, according to official of information view, Aerelight A1 lamp of lighting life can 15-20 years, during user without like General lamp as for its replaced bulb.