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USB HUB Is The USB Interface Extender
Jul 25, 2017

  USB HUB is the USB interface extender.

  This parameter means whether the USB HUB is on the keyboard. USB interface on the computer is usually in the chassis front panel or chassis behind, if you want to connect USB devices, such as U disk, MP3, card reader, digital camera, etc., need to find the chassis, set to run behind the chassis, relative Trouble some more trouble. We know that the USB interface can be cascaded, a keyboard through the USB interface to connect to the chassis, and can be in the keyboard side or behind to do a few USB interface, so that when using other USB devices can be directly connected to the keyboard USB interface On, very convenient. The interface on the keyboard that is used to connect other USB devices is the USB HUB of the keyboard.

  USB interface in addition to the transmission of data, but also to the USB device power supply, so many of the power supply equipment is not demanding on the need for a separate power supply, and very convenient, such as U disk, card reader, MP3 and other digital devices are like this. But some USB devices on the demand for electricity than high, the typical is the USB interface, mobile hard disk. USB HUB on the keyboard is usually not too high power supply, so suitable for U disk, card reader, MP3 and other digital devices, and mobile hard drive so that the power supply requirements of the device or the motherboard behind the interface is more reliable. In short, digital products in the increasingly popular today, with USB HUB keyboard provides a USB interface shortcut.