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What's Type-C ?
Apr 21, 2016

What on earth is Type-c?  It integrates “fast, strong, and mini” together, and no positive and negative sides, even enter into USB port product, and will solve the problem that we nerve inserting USB correctly.

Below it the 12”mackbook details:

Since apple public the new MacBook, there are a lot of people are talking about the USB Type-C, as it’s very tiny, no positive and negative sides, fast transfer speed as high as 10Gbps, so people think they are leading the direction of the USB port, and has amazing innovation no one had.

To be honest, Apple Company has the critical technology, but mention to innovation, especially for USB TYPE-C, Actually Sony, MOTO, and Nokia are advanced than apple, but apple have the ability to innovate from inheriting, though developed by others, but apple can make it shine.